My 2019 Bookish Goals

Hi everyone!

I am finally back from the weird Christmas/new year hiatus and what a better way to begin the new year than to talk about my bookish goals for 2019!


1) Keep (and stick to) a planner

I recently purchased the Owlcrate planner from a lovely lady on a Facebook group, I can’t wait to start planning and organising my bookish life. This goal is something I also want to achieve for my personal life. I have never been good with diaries/planners, but I am determined this year to stick to one!

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2) Post regularly 

Starting from today, I am aiming to post at least every other day on my blog and every day on my Bookstagram. (Cheeky link to my Instagram here)

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4) Stop requesting ARCs

I will no longer be requesting any ARCs (unless it’s a book I am dying for) because, at the moment, I don’t want to put pressure on myself. I have 7 NetGalley books, 1 Booksprout book and 7 physical books to read and that is more than enough as it is.

5) Goodreads Goal

I have set myself a challenge to read 150 books this year, I am by no means going to pressure myself, but I am looking forward to seeing how I do!

I also want to focus on my GR a bit more. I have neglected it this past year and I would love to build it up.

If you have a Goodreads and love reading diverse books, here is a link to my page, feel free to friend me!

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6) Reduce my TBR pile

I will be doing this by either reading or getting rid of my books and not buying any more. I have way too many and I spend so much money on books + book boxes and I really can’t afford to do that anymore!


7) Aims

By the end of the year I am aiming for:

Twitter: 800 followers

Blog: 700 followers

Insta: 2,000 followers

While I know blogging isn’t just about the numbers, it’s always nice to have a goal in mind of where you want to end up.


Let me know in the comments if you have any bookish goals! 



28 thoughts on “My 2019 Bookish Goals

  1. I loved this post! Thank you for sharing! I have requested friendship on goodreads, like you i aim to try take maximum advantage of goodreads this year 🙂 I also cleared out my blog and aim to have it’s entire focus on book and writing which are a solid part of my life. I’m really excited about it. All the best with your goals 🙂

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