Bookish Q&A!

Hi everyone!

A couple of weeks ago I asked on Twitter for some Q&A questions for a blog post, so that is what I will be doing today!

Thank you to everyone who asked a question. I will link their Twitter handles beside the question/s they asked, you should definitely go and follow all these amazing accounts.


Thank you @Aguselric

1) Favourite cover? 

One of my favourites is the UK hardcover edition of “Uprooted” by Naomi Novik.

2) Dog ear or bookmarks? 


3) Favourite and least favourite book you read last year? 

Favourite: Sawkill Girls

Least Favourite: Ronit and Jamil

4) Favourite series/book of all time? 

Harry Potter!


Thank you @anniekslibrary

1) What got you into reading? 

When I was younger, my mum used to take me to the library all the time. As I got older I lost touch with reading, but when I was in my teens, I started really getting back into again. I remember it was after I read “A Court of Thorns and Roses” I just loved the world so much and I started reading a lot of fantasy after that and my love of books came back full force!

2) What book is the most relatable to you? 

“It’s Kind of a Funny Story” I read this book around 4 years ago now, but I just remember connecting to the main character so much, we were both going through and experiencing a lot of similar things and I felt relief at knowing I was not the only one.

3) What’s your top 5 go-to recommendations? 

1) Hyperbole and a Half
2) Flying Lessons and Other Stories (link to my review here)
3) Pride and Prejudice
4) Heartstopper
5) The Book Thief


Thank you @moonlightpages

1) What inspired your blog name? 

I was struggling to find a good name, I wanted “bookish” in the title but wasn’t sure what else. I looked over at my bookshelves and saw the book “Wuthering Heights” and decided on “bookish_heights” – so very interesting, I know.

2) Who are some of your bookish friends?

That is such a hard question! There are so many amazing accounts that I love. I will link a few of my absolute favourites, who I talk to all the time. They are super wonderful people who you should all follow!

1) @anniekslibrary
2) @niffler_reads
3) @thebookishgurl
4) @librarylooter


3) eBook or physical book?

Both! I read faster on my Kindle, but I love the look of physical books and my bookshelves.

4) Auto-buy book genre?

Anything fantasy and romance and you got me.


Thank you @MimiChartier

1) What is something you learned about yourself since you started blogging?

I have learnt so much about myself it’s unbelievable! Mainly that I really want to make a difference, I want to hype up as many diverse books as possible because it’s so important. Everyone should be able to see themselves represented. Everyone is so different, no one is the same.

2) What advice would you give to new bloggers?

I am a relatively new blogger myself, I started bookstagram a year ago and my book blog last July. I would say the most important thing is to interact with people, make friends and always support one another.


Thank you @BookishlyBree

1) A Book that got you into reading?

When I was young, the Harry Potter and Ronald Dahl books. When I was older, ACOTAR was the series that got me back into reading.

2) Do you like graphic novels? If so, any recommendations?

Yes! I love graphic novels. My favourites are:

1) Heartstopper
2) Fence
3) Lumberjanes
4) Katie O’Neill (Tea Dragon Society & Princess Princess Ever After)
5) Nimona

3) Would you consider making a booktube channel?

I have considered it. But I am not that confident at the moment. You never know what the future holds though!


Thank you @girlatmidnight

1) What are your top 5 ships of all time?

1) Ron and Hermione (Harry Potter)
2) Feyre and Rhysand (ACOTAR)
3) Nick and Charlie (Heartstopper)
4) Darcy and Elizabeth (Pride & Prejudice)
5) Desmond and Callie (The Bargainer series)

Honourable mentions: Val and Marion (Sawkill Girls), Celia and Marco (The Night Circus)


Thank you @conniereads_

1) What first got you into blogging?

I was in a very bad place, mentally. On January 1st 2018 my only new year’s resolution was to make a bookstagram account. I wanted to connect with people like me, people who loved books and reading. I wanted something to focus on that wasn’t my mental illness. Honestly, it’s the best decision I ever made.


Thank you @NunuKz

1) What are some books that you recommend everyone to read?

I answered this one in a previous question, but these are my top 5 recs!

1) Hyperbole and a Half
2) Flying Lessons and Other Stories
3) Pride and Prejudice
4) Heartstopper
5) The Book Thief


Thank you @_deardominique

1) What is your favourite book genre and why?

Fantasy! I love the genre because it takes me away from this world and into one completely different.


Thank you @shiaa_xx

1) What book made you cry the most?  

Top 3 books that made me cry:

1) For One More Day
2) The Normal Heart
3) The Lightning-Struck Heart (this one made me cry tears of laughter)

2) Which book makes you cry even months after reading it because it was that good?

You know, I have never actually had this happen to me!

Text placeholder (3)

Comment below some of your thoughts on these questions!

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